Armoured Medium Voltage (MV) XPLE Type A

Product Category
Armoured, Medium Voltage Power Cables


Product Specs

  • Conductor: Annealed Copper or Aluminum Circular Compact – Class 2
  • Insulation: LV-XLPE
  • Phase Color: Numbering
  • Armoring: AWA – SWA – DSTA – GDSTA
  • Specification: SANS 1339
  • Voltage Ranges: 3.8/6.6kV – 6.35/11kV – 12.7/22kV – 19/33kV
  • Types: Belted or Screened
  • Application: Used for underground reticulation, main distribution systems, sub-station and mining. Can be manufactured with corrugated aluminum or steel tape



  • Outer PVC sheath stripped Red: Flame Retardant (FR)
  • Outer PVC sheath stripped Blue: Low Halogen Cable (LHC)
  • Outer PVC sheath stripped White: Halogen Free Cable (HFC)


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